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"The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me"

-Ayn Rand-

  • Many international conferences are looking for a way into the Israeli market. Most of the time, they end at the first stop, which is in Tel Aviv.

  • We will highlight to the conference organizers the benefits of holding the conference in your city instead of being overshadowed by the other conferences that take place in Tel Aviv.

  • We will make the perfect match between an attractive conference location and a city that will be happy to host generously.

  • Research tailored to your needs about the financing options that are relevant to you that exist in the EU

  • Tools in Hebrew that help to submit applications to the European Union independently

  • Accompaniment and advice in the application writing process

  • We regularly host various delegations from Europe and the world and conduct an overview of the Israeli high-tech market.

  • We often scan the market for large companies in Europe seeking to keep up to date and innovate with the latest technology in their market.

  • Such connections allow Israeli startups to leapfrog quickly and win large budgets for development.

  • Maximizing the profits from each business trip - having the right meetings with the people who are relevant to you

  • Mapping conference participants and scheduling one-on-one meetings in advance

  • Tailoring the marketing material to the target audience coming to the conference

  • Mapping and scheduling of meetings with relevant parties in the conference environment (investors, companies, potential customers and decision-makers)

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