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Global Challenges
Grants for Local Authorities 


“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat!”

Sheryl Sandberg

The existing trade agreements between Israel and the European Union are not exploited due to the authorities' lack of knowledge about the options available to them. Promoting EU research and innovation grants can be a significant engine for promoting local authority and developing local leadership programs in a variety of areas. Many institutions across Europe enjoy support of up to half of their annual budget from the EU. What about the institution you head?

What comes out of the organization? ​​

  • International relations and collaborations across Europe

  • Budgets for various programs for residents at the expense of the EU

  • Promoting 'Smart City' pilots on behalf of the European Union

  • Attracting minds and young people to the city to participate in international studies

  • Promoting local leadership and public participation

  • Budgets to improve city life

  • Attracting minds and young people to the city

R&D grants
  • Professional knowledge exchange

  • Opening a door to strategic partners

  • Visits by delegations in the city

  • Center for Attraction for Environmental Knowledge

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the city

  • Turning the authority into a green city

Green Energy
  • Pilots of New Technologies

  • Cost savings  

  • Digitization of municipal services

A smart city

JLM Hi-Tech Night in the European Parliament plaza

A huge Jerusalem fair, 'JLM HITECH NIGHT' in the European Parliament plaza, which is visited every Thursday by thousands of young men and women workers in the Parliament building.


We held an exposure fair in collaboration with the Jerusalem Development Authority, where we invited leading high-tech companies from the ecosystem, Jerusalem -  ORCAM , AIRSCORT , Lightricks, KEEPERS,  and more.  

In addition, Chef Zakai Huja - the owner of the famous Jacko's street from Jerusalem - will conduct chef workshops. Participants could enjoy free beer, good music and enjoy an authentic Jerusalem experience.

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