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Everything you wanted to know about the EIC ACCELERATOR grants and did not dare to ask

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EIC Accelerator

Grant for STARTUP companies

A grant of 0.5 to 2.5 million euros


EU grant to help startups go through the Valley of death.  

The EU looks for Europe's next Unicorn.

Helping good ideas go from the lab 2 the market.


What can be won

  • Non-dilution grant of 0.5-2.5 million euros (financing of up to 70% of the project costs)

  • An investment of up to  15 million euros from the European Union

  • Quality mark from the EU (Seal of Excellence)


The length of the project

The application should be for a project of at least two years in length, whereby at the end of the second year, the technology is ready to hit the market.

For Who

  • You have innovative and groundbreaking technology.

  • Your technology can contribute to humanity or promote the European market.

  • You have a prototype tested in a relevant environment - TRL 5.

  • You are in the last stage of development and you need financial support to get to the next stage.

  • A company with the potential to become Europe's next unicorn, and needs the latest boost before the company's scale-up. 


The EU advocates transparency and therefore offers a sea of information. Just as you would not go out to the ocean without a compass, do not go out to serve without a consultant. In principle, it can be submitted alone; In practice, all the other winners went with consultants except for one company in the country. 


Keyboard and Mouse

What does it give me?

  • Non-Dilutive Funding.

  • Entrance to European business and high-tech chains - entrance to an EU club.

  • EU certification that you are eligible for funding.


What the EU gets out for it?

There is no such thing as 'free money' ...

The EU does not ask for equity in exchange for a grant. Their only requirement is that the IP remains in Europe or the associated countries.


For what?

  • For products/services that are in the prototype development phase examined in a relevant environment - TRL 5  

  • R&D activities that will bring the company from TRL 5 to TRL 8 including, pilots, demonstrations, the first line of productions, clinical trials, regulatory pathway, execution of the business plan and more.

  • The commercialization phase of the product.  

  • Technology that has a scale-up potential


Are there any women in the audience?

The EU wish to promote gender equality. To do so, it has committed to promoting startups that have women holding C level positions. Also, 40% of the startups that would be invited to the interviews would be woman-led companies.


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