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Global Challenges

Grant within a consortium


Consortium grant is the perfect tool for creating connections and business opportunities in the EU. Other than that, whether you have won or not, going through this process with leading  European companies builds a true partnership that will last for years. 

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  • Grant without dilution in varying amounts (from a few hundred thousand euros to a few million).

  • Access to EU business networks.

  • Building a customer base inside the EU market.

The Project length 

The application should be for a project lasting three to four years. 

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Associated countries 

16 Associated Countries are eligible - like any other state member in the union - for the research and development programs of the European Union (Horizon Europe).


For who?

  • Any type of legal entity - business company, research institute, universities, large corporations, and more.

  • A pool of at least 3 entities from at least 3 different countries participating in the program.

The number of partners

In order to build a successful consortium, you need enough partners to meet all the requirements of the calling voice. There is no iron rule for the recommended amount of partners for the consortium. Just try to bring the best in order to meet all the requirements.  




?For what

Relevant to smart transportation, a city is interested in digitalization processes. Technology in the field of the climate crisis
Grants for any company in the field of robotics, space, interested in digitalization or providing such services
Grants for everyone involved in medicine - hospitals, companies with groundbreaking technology, public medicine and more


Grants intended for those engaged in an initial response in emergencies, security and rescue forces. Additional grants in the field of education and democracy in parallel with the integration of different populations within society
Technologies in the field of food, agriculture, anyone working in the field of biodiversity conservation and natural energy sources

The nature of the partners

Every member of the association should have added value. The rule of thumb that should guide you - 

The whole must be larger than the sum of its parts

Each partner must be independent and not dependent on another partner. (Not a subsidiary)

Each partner must be legally registered in one of the Union countries or in one of the accompanying countries



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