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Do you have an idea for groundbreaking research? Did you engineer the next hot thing?
Do you just need funding to jump to the next level ? 
We will find the most relevant grant for you as part of Horizon Europe!


European Funding for Deep-Tech

מענקים ליזמים

EU R&D Programme

Horizon Europe is a research and development program  The EU's 9th in the field of research and development (R&D) and is the largest public funding program in the world with a budget of about 95.5 billion euros spread over 7 years (2021-2027). The EU sees this program as a tool for promoting economic growth and job creation with an emphasis on excellence in science, industrial leadership, and social challenges.​ The budget is intended for grants to start-up companies, organizations, government ministries, large companies, research institutions, and higher education. The aim of this program is to secure Europe's place as a key competitor in the international arena.





2 grant tracks
to raise funds under the

Horizon Europe



These grants are here for a clear purpose: to bring as many ideas and innovative technologies as possible to the market, help as many companies as possible to succeed in the business world, and become thriving economic entities that produce work in the European market. All of these grant routes allow Israeli companies to raise funds without dilution and royalties.
In addition, the program opens the door to the European market and makes it easier to start doing business in all EU countries.

EIC  Accelerator 

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